5 Best Practices in Using WordPress Features for Businesses

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There is a significant chance that a new business will use WordPress as its primary online platform. It is open-source software, meaning it is free to use, modify, and distribute. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, powering over 35% of all websites on the internet.

Therefore, working around WordPress and making it work for the business should be the top-most priority. However, since it is a content management system, it can become confusing—especially for first-timers. But what can users do to maximize WordPress features for businesses?

1. Schedule Posts

WordPress allows you to schedule posts in advance, which means you can write and schedule content for weeks or months in advance. Scheduled posts benefit businesses that want to keep their content fresh and up-to-date but don’t have the time or resources to do so.

Scheduling posts in advance with WordPress is a great way to maintain a consistent presence on your website and social media channels. Not only does it free up your time and resources, but it also allows you to plan and create content that will be relevant to your audience.

2. Assign User Roles

WordPress provides user roles and capabilities, allowing you to manage who has access to certain areas of your website, which is essential for businesses that need to work with multiple contributors or authors responsible for creating and managing content.

User roles allow you to assign different access levels to each user and control who can publish content, edit pages, manage comments, and more. It can help streamline your workflow and ensure that the right people have access to the right areas of your website.

3. Manage Pinterest Plugins

Pinterest is an excellent platform for businesses to engage with their customers, and with the right plugins, you can easily manage your Pinterest presence on your WordPress site. As a result, users will find it easier to pin the posts they like to their Pinterest mood boards.

Meanwhile, other plugins, like Pinterest Analytics, allow you to track how your content is performing on Pinterest, giving you insights into how to improve your Pinterest presence. Through Pinterest plugin integration, businesses can reach more people in no time.

4. Use Autoresponders

Autoresponders can be an invaluable tool for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. They allow you to automatically send out emails to customers, letting them know about new products, discounts, or other news related to your business.

Autoresponders can also remind customers of upcoming events, such as product launches or sales. As a result, customers will always be in the loop about what’s happening in your business, improving overall customer service.

5. Maximize Backups

Data backup is essential for any business. It ensures you can still access critical data if something happens to your network or computer systems. Regular backups are a great way to ensure your data is always protected and secure.

Ensure you are backing up your data to an external hard drive or cloud storage. Additionally, ensure that you regularly test your backups to ensure they are working correctly. As a result, it will help you avoid any significant issues in the future.


WordPress is beneficial for most businesses as it is a multipurpose platform with many features. It is a powerful and versatile platform for businesses of all sizes. It can create a website, blog, or even an online store.

WordPress is an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. There are free and paid versions of WordPress so that you can find the best option for your budget. WordPress offers a wide range of free and premium plugins and themes to help your blog become unique.

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