5 Ways to Set Up Your Landing Pages for SEO and PPC

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Individual landing pages are a common practice for PPC ad campaigns, but this isn’t always applicable. In many cases, it may be necessary to use the same landing pages for PPC and SEO.

What happens if you use the same landing pages for PPC and SEO? Your on-page SEO can affect your PPC ad campaigns by impacting your landing page experience.

Here are different tips to follow when setting up landing pages to improve your SEO and PPC.

1) Create Good Landing Page Content

Your landing page content should be full of relevant and persuasive information to entice your visitors to convert. Good content will increase your organic traffic and improve your PPC ad campaigns.

You should write content that a potential buyer would be interested in reading, especially the first time they land on your landing pages. You should test different approaches to content to discover what resonates best with your landing page visitors.

Note that the first paragraph of your landing page content will set the tone for the rest of your copy. It will help your visitors identify if their needs are being addressed. 

2) Take User Experience into Account

The user experience is as critical as your landing page content and what you provide your visitors. You should aim to make the experience of visiting your website or landing page as pleasant as possible.

Improving your user experience can increase your conversion rates and help to improve your CTR for your PPC ad campaigns. You should create landing pages that are mobile and desktop-friendly to serve your visitors better.

3) Generate Faster Loading Speeds

Your landing page load speed has a significant impact on your SEO and PPC. If you have a slow page load time, your organic traffic will also suffer.

Long load times will frustrate your visitors and decrease your conversion rates. It can also provide you with a bad experience. This experience will then affect your rankings in Google SERPs.

You need to optimize your landing page for speed to generate faster page load times. This will also improve your PPC ads CTR.

4) Get the Right Keywords for SEO

Keywords are important for both SEO and PPC. You should make sure your keywords are included in your landing page content.

You can use your keywords in your header tags and in your URLs. It’s critical that you use the same keyword throughout your website.

You should optimize your landing pages with the right keywords to improve your SEO. This will help you rank higher in SERPs and attract more organic traffic.

5) Make It Mobile-Friendly

Your landing page should be mobile-friendly so that you can capture all your potential buyers.

Google has made it clear that mobile-friendly sites are more likely to rank higher in SERPs, so the extra ranking boost is definitely good news. With Google’s mobile-friendly test, you can easily identify if your website is mobile-friendly or not.

A mobile-friendly site enables you to capture more of your potential customers, which will improve your conversion rates.


SEO and PPC go hand in hand, and when used together, they are a powerful combo. If you want to improve your organic traffic, you should invest in PPC to gain the extra exposure you need in these SERPs.

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