All the Basics about Your Own Landing Page – Part 3

Landing pages can be considered the introductory handshake of your website. Instead of leading them straight to your contact details, you may want to introduce your company to them first. There is a reason why even the most well-known brands are quite particular about their landing page, and that is because they want to stretch out a feeling of familiarity, a gesture or greeting that will not confuse their online traffic.

The thing is, your brand may be a household name around the world, but there may still be some people who may not know about you and what you have to offer. This is crucial, especially if you are just starting to branch out globally. You do not want to alienate new customers; that is why your landing page should be close to perfect, as much as possible.

With that being said, trying to deliver a landing page in that manner isn’t easy, but it is still very manageable. You just have to consider a few pointers that will make it stand out from the rest. In such a case, we have listed a couple of helpful tips below for your reference.

Establish Content That Is Both Correct and Concise

You do not want to give your target audience the wrong impression early on. Anything on your landing page that looks too complicated to understand and misspelled may turn them away from it immediately. The thing about modern websites is that scammers are getting wind of their coding, often replicating them to phish information from unwary online traffic. 

They will immediately get all of the victim’s details and skim out their money. The only way to detect a fake website is through misspellings and noticeable elements that are way different than legitimate branding.

You do not want your landing page to be mistaken for a scam page; that is why you must be clear with your introductory content.

Keep Your Text Content Short

Whether you like it or not, the truth is that people’s attention span is shorter than before. This means that your target market isn’t going to read all day just to understand what your brand is all about. Additionally, they aren’t going to keep on scrolling just to see your products and services at the very bottom. In such a case, you must be compact with your words so that you may catch their attention early on.

Convince them in the nick of time with a short yet, impactful landing page content and watch them be converted to your brand immediately.

Test Out Your Landing Page before Launch

Besides proofreading your content, you must also see to it that your landing page has no glitches. In order to do that, you must coordinate with your web designers and the coding department regarding any bugs that may limit the experience of your online traffic. In previous years, you may have heard of hackers accessing brand websites to gather a lot of user information from substandard coding and encryption.

Do not let this happen to your page! Iron out any glitch on the website and test it out within your company servers before putting up the landing page live on the internet.


There are a lot of tasks when it comes to establishing your own landing page. From the first part up to this very last article discussing all of the important elements that would help create a perfect one for your brand, be sure to take note of them all to garner more online traffic and potential customers.

Lead generation isn’t just your main goal when making landing pages; you must also stick to your business plan and upgrade your ads so that your landing page will greatly benefit more from new site visitors and link followers.

If you need a professional web design agency to rehash and update your landing page design for you, our team at Happy Agencies can help. Contact us today and let us discuss your options!

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