Case Study

Empowering CostCertified: A Journey of Growth and Transformation

Introduction: Setting the Stage

In the fiercely competitive world of startups, securing seed funding is just the start of an exhilarating journey. It was at this juncture that CostCertified found itself, after successfully amassing a seed funding round of $8.45M. Recognizing the challenges that lay ahead, they turned to a familiar partner – Happy Agencies, with whom they had previously collaborated on a handful of Unbounce landing pages. CostCertified was poised for growth and needed a comprehensive, growth-focused marketing strategy to tap into a larger user base.

Part 1: The Early Stages – Promising Beginnings and Big Dreams

CostCertified began its journey as a promising venture, brought to life by the sheer determination and innovative ideas of its founders. They successfully bootstrapped their startup, building a solid foundation. With the influx of $8M in seed funding and the prestigious backing of Y Combinator, CostCertified was ready to evolve from a promising project to a scalable venture. As they expanded their team and operations, they faced a critical need – refining their marketing strategy to match their growth trajectory.

Part 2: The Challenge – Matching Pace with Growth

Every boon comes with its unique set of challenges. For CostCertified, the successful seed funding round signaled a time of rapid growth and expansion. The question was – how could they refine and amplify their marketing efforts to resonate with a broader audience without diluting their brand essence? The twin tasks of optimizing their inbound marketing and sales processes for better lead generation and conversion became paramount. Happy Agencies was called upon to deliver these strategic enhancements.

Part 3: The Solution – A Tailored, Comprehensive Approach

At Happy Agencies, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft bespoke solutions that address our clients’ unique challenges. For CostCertified, we realized that a more streamlined and efficient marketing process was the key to reaching more users. Our team began working on a comprehensive strategy that would not only bolster CostCertified’s inbound marketing and sales processes but also empower them to manage their growth effectively.

Part 4: The Impact – Results That Speak Volumes

Our partnership with CostCertified produced remarkable results that were evident across their operations:

  1. SEO Enhancement: Switching from SPA nuxt.js to SSR nuxt.js significantly improved the technical SEO of the website, propelling their ranking on search engines and increasing their visibility.
  2. Improved User Tracking and Testing: We migrated their landing pages to HubSpot, enabling CostCertified to track customer behavior effectively and conduct valuable A/B testing. This data-driven approach facilitated more targeted marketing efforts.
  3. Efficient Lead Nurturing: The introduction of a clearer, more streamlined workflow meant that CostCertified could now nurture leads more efficiently, leading to improved conversion rates.
  4. Empowered Team: We made it easier for the team at CostCertified to independently edit and duplicate landing pages. This allowed them to make timely changes and create new pages, reducing their reliance on the technical team and enhancing their operational efficiency.
  5. Consolidated Reporting: By centralizing their reports in Databox, CostCertified was now able to track trends, discover insights, and share reports quickly and effortlessly. This holistic view of their performance metrics informed better decision-making.

Conclusion: A Shared Success Story

Our collaboration with CostCertified exemplifies how a bespoke, comprehensive approach can empower a growing startup to navigate its growth phase confidently. We, at Happy Agencies, are proud of the transformation that CostCertified has undergone and continue to support them as they carve their path to success in the industry.

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