10 Landing Page Trends That Convert Leads to Sales Part 1

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Do you want your website to convert leads to sales more quickly? You’re fortunate to have stumbled across this article. Here’s the first part of landing page trends that help you achieve that goal!

The CTA Must Stand Out

The best way to make your CTA noticeable is to use a contrasting color that will grab your visitor’s attention. You want to ensure that your CTA is well placed and highlighted so that it is immediately obvious to anyone visiting your site.

You can improve the CTA button’s effectiveness by making sure it is easy to find on your page. If it is not easy to find during A/B testing, then your landing page design needs to be improved.

Deliver without the Delay

A landing page’s purpose is to promote a specific offer that will interest potential customers. The offer should be something that will benefit the customer and should be made clear the moment they land on the page.

So after a user has taken the desired action, such as submitting a form, present a thank you page. These are commonly used to confirm to the user that their submission was successful and to provide additional information or resources.

Have Only One Conversion Action

If a landing page’s main goal is to get the visitor to take action—such as filling out something or buying a product or service—customers won’t appreciate getting two or more messages inviting them to do different actions (subscribe, inquire, and call). To achieve this goal, the page should be designed with a clear call to action and have all the necessary information that the visitor needs to make a decision.

That’s why one of the landing page trends you must prioritize is having one clear action. Is it to buy? Is it to inquire? Clarify that in the copy. You can’t have both, or you’ll confuse the customer.

Place the CTA at the Top

Content and elements visible on a user’s screen without having to scroll down are incredibly important. You want to ensure that your most important information is above the fold so that visitors are more likely to notice and connect with it faster since it’s visible from the get-go. 

Since you want leads to buy a product or service, place the CTA at the top of the landing page. While they may forget the information posted, they’ll know at the very top of their minds that they have to inquire or buy.

Prioritize Benefits Instead of Features

A landing page should focus on how your product or service can solve the user’s problem rather than enumerating the features of your product or service. Think about what your audience is struggling with and how your product or service can help alleviate that pain. Build your messaging around those benefits to drive home why someone should choose your offering.

Why does tip help? It saves netizens time browsing for relevant information. Placing how your product or services helps them at the forefront can make decision-making easier, resulting in conversions.


Read more about landing page trends that convert in part two of our series. This will enable you to fully understand how to create pages that sustainably attract new customers that scale your business growth, too!

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