5 Myths about Google Ads That You Need to Be Aware Of

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Google’s online advertising platform has proven to be highly efficient since it was launched back in 2000. While Google Ads have been with us for decades, many myths have popped up around it over the years. These myths can lead to companies making wrong decisions and spending their budgets on the wrong channels. We’re here to debunk some of those myths so that you won’t become a victim of misinformation.

Myth #1: No click on Google Ads.

Despite many websites claiming that Google Ads don’t receive any clicks, this isn’t the truth at all. In the US alone, businesses spend billions of dollars on Google Ads. Now, if this was a channel that didn’t receive any clicks, do you think businesses would continue to spend their budgets on it?

Myth #2: Google Ads are for big businesses only.

Again, quite a lot of people think that Google Ads are only made for big businesses due to the prices they have to pay. However, this isn’t true. The price depends on a few factors, such as the placement on the page, the number of clicks you receive, the country you target, and the conversion rate. Let’s say you have a conversion rate of one percent. If your cost per click is $2, the cost per conversion will be around $2. That’s a small amount to pay for a professional landing page, a website that converts leads into sales, and a team of experts working hard to generate thousands of leads.

Myth #3: Google Ads are good for traffic, not sales.

Many people think that Google Ads are good for getting more traffic to their website and not for generating sales. But Google Ads can be used for generating sales, as well. If you’re targeting the right keywords and your website provides the right content to the potential customers, you will be able to generate leads, as well as sales, through Google Ads. Google Ads are a great way to attract visitors to your website and show them what products and services you’re offering.

Myth #4: Google Ads are for short-term results.

Google Ads can generate short-term results, but they can also generate long-term results. If you want to generate short-term results, you can adjust your campaign settings to focus on keywords that are searched a lot but aren’t very specific. These kinds of keywords will give you more traffic to your website and a higher volume of leads, but at the same time, they won’t convert that well. On the other hand, if you target more specific keywords and adjust the campaign settings to generate leads rather than traffic, you can target customers who are looking for your product or service, and your conversion rates will increase.

Myth #5: Google Ads don’t work well in local campaigns.

This may be true if you place your ads on questionable websites and are paying a lot for it. But Google Ads have been proven to be very effective for local businesses. They have a complex targeting system that allows you to advertise to potential customers nearby.

Myth #6: Google Ads don’t work well on mobile.

This is another myth that isn’t true. Google Ads are responsive and can be seen on mobile devices. Most of the time, the difference between desktop and mobile visitors is only in the screen size, so you can be sure Google Ads works wonderfully on a mobile device. In fact, a considerable chunk of the ad clicks on Google generated in the last few years come from mobile devices.

Myth #7: You have to be an expert to manage Google Ads.

If you’re targeting your ads to an audience that has shown interest in your product or service, Google Ads can work for you, even if you’re an expert or a newbie. If you’re targeting the wrong audience or keyword, though, you won’t be able to generate the results you want. Luckily, there are many agencies out there that can help you manage your Google Ads minus all the hassle.


Running Google Ads can be very beneficial for your business and bringing in new customers, but only if you know how to do it right. Don’t fall for the myths mentioned above, as they can cost you a lot of money and waste your time. Instead, you can hire an agency to help you or use Google Ads to your advantage.

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