7 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Shopify Developer


Nowadays, eCommerce businesses are at the forefront of economic innovation because they quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace and consumer behavior, despite existing in a digital space. For this reason, eCommerce website development is recommended, and the first step is choosing an eCommerce platform. There are many eCommerce platforms, but none is better than Shopify.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that provides businesses with everything they need to create an online store, including a customizable website, a shopping cart, and a secure payment gateway. However, developing an eCommerce website with Shopify is never easy, so hiring a Shopify developer is recommended. Unfortunately, many businesses pass on the opportunity because they think it’s unnecessary since it can be learned. This is never the case because hiring a Shopify developer can yield several benefits, such as:

#1 – Creating a Unique Website

To develop an eCommerce website with Shopify, you need to know that Shopify provides a wide range of themes that can be used to create a unique website. However, creating a unique website with Shopify requires more than a theme. You need to know how to customize the theme to make it your own, which only a Shopify developer can do.

For example, if you want to add a unique header to your website, you must know how to code it. However, if you don’t know how to code, you can’t add a header to your website. A Shopify developer can add a header to your website and make it look unique, so hiring one is recommended.

#2 – Improve Customer Service

You need a Shopify developer to improve your eCommerce website’s customer service. A developer can add features to your website that will enhance customer service. For example, a developer can add a live chat feature to your website. This feature will allow customers to chat with you live, so they can ask questions and get answers quickly.

#3 – Focus On Other Responsibilities

Running a business means that you have many responsibilities. You might not have time to focus on your eCommerce website. A Shopify developer can take care of your website, from updating the design to adding new features. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your business, such as accounting, bookkeeping, and staff management.

#4 – Competitive Edge

Competition among eCommerce businesses is fierce. Many online stores sell similar products. You need to offer a unique and memorable shopping experience to stand out. A Shopify developer can help you customize your website and add features to make your store stand out.

#5 – Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

A Shopify developer can help you optimize your website for search engines. Your website will appear higher in search engine results pages when potential customers search for terms related to your products or services. The higher your website appears in search engine results, the more likely potential customers will visit your site.

#6 – Cross-Platform Integration

For eCommerce websites, integrating with other platforms is essential. A Shopify developer can help you integrate your website with your POS system, accounting software, and other business platforms. Integration ensures that your website runs smoothly and that your customers have a positive experience.

Consequently, cross-platform integration also helps you because it allows you to manage your website and your business from a central location. Beyond that, it also saves you time by automating tasks that would otherwise need to be completed manually.

#7 – A Mobile-Friendly Website

These days, many people use their smartphones to browse the Internet, meaning you can target them as prospects. As the name suggests, a mobile-friendly website is designed to be easily viewed and used on a mobile phone. This means that the website’s layout and design should be adapted to fit a smaller screen, and the website’s content should be easy to read and navigate.

Hiring a Shopify developer will help because it ensures that your website can be accessed and used by the broadest possible audience. Furthermore, Google gives preference in its search results to mobile-friendly websites, meaning it’s more likely to be seen by prospects.


Hiring a Shopify developer may seem like a significant expense, but it’s an investment that can pay off in the long run. A developer can create an eCommerce website accessible to the broadest possible audience, so the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. All that matters is finding a reputable developer who can create a website that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Happy Agencies provides top-quality services for Shopify development. We understand the needs of eCommerce businesses, so we develop comprehensive solutions to ensure your website stands out from the competition. Reach out today and allow us to help you!

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