Reasons You Should Include Prototypes in the Designing Stage

A competitive and efficient website design is crucial for your business. It can be the way to persuade your visitors to make certain actions that can add to your business sales and improve ROI. 

One way to achieve a competitive and efficient website design is by creating a prototype. A prototype is a black-and-white layout representing a simplified site scheme. Essentially, it’s an experimental process wherein you’ll get to see your concept turn into tangible forms from paper to digital. It’ll be significantly useful because it can help you identify and formulate the main direction of your website design. 

Let’s take a look at other reasons why you should include prototypes in your designing process: 

Reason #1: It Can Help Save Time

Since you’ll get to see the structure of your future site, your sitemap, and the interrelation of its main pages in prototypes, you’ll have the chance to correct and make changes right there and then before making the overall design official. 

This process will save you more time since you don’t have to start all over again just to edit something from your website. It will help avoid any global changes in the finished layout, which can significantly take time if it happens. Also, it can help reduce the workload of your designer in developing the project, giving them the chance to do other things for your company. 

Reason #2: It Can Help Evaluate Technical Feasibility

With prototypes, you’ll discover unanticipated physical, technical, and financial constraints. It will give you an idea and understanding of which aspects of the concept prove difficult or impossible to implement. If you have that upper hand, you can resolve and find alternatives right away instead of pursuing the risks, which will harm not only your time but also your money. 

Reason #3: It Can Enhance the Quality of Your Website

Remember, the quality of your website should be on top of the line because that will affect your customers’ buying decisions and your brand visibility. If you include prototypes in your design process, you can conduct testing for the usability of the site, check the site navigation, and review the convenience of access to information on the site, improving your site’s quality and user experience. Experiencing the site firsthand will allow you to make improvements and changes that will make your website more efficient and competitive. 

Reason #4: It Can Help You Spend Lower Costs

Since prototypes will also give your audience a product to visualize and interact with, you’ll have a pool of information and data from their opinions that can significantly improve your site. From their experience and recommendations, you can apply what they prefer on a site before launching it for public consumption. That will help you avoid extra costs from unsold and reprogramming the production line, thereby helping you save more money. 


Prototypes are a great way to see if your website will be efficient and competitive. That’s why you should include it in your design planning stage. If you don’t, you’ll significantly miss out on its benefits that can improve your website’s quality and user experience. Remember, having the best user experience will take your website to places, so make sure that you’ll be able to provide your visitors with that. 

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