5 Vital Roles Needed in Creating a Modern Marketing Team

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Digital marketing is the bread and butter of most online businesses. Therefore, it’s only logical to invest in a team that can deliver successful campaigns left and right. However, since digital marketing teams should consist of people doing different tasks simultaneously, businesses need to know which roles need fulfilling for every digital marketing campaign. But which functions are vital in creating a modern marketing team? Here are some ideas.

1. Data Scientists or Analysts

There’s a common misconception that data scientists and analytics experts have different jobs. However, they’re both in charge of creating a brand’s data strategy. While data scientists are tasked with calculating data, analytics experts are responsible for using and applying them.

Data scientists and analysts are significant for several reasons. They are the individuals who provide relevant information about your user base and your customers’ behavior. They can tell you which parts of your website need improvement and what steps you should take to increase your conversions and sales.

2. SEO Experts

SEO is crucial for any eCommerce business, so it’s vital to hire SEO experts to help you create a robust strategy that will increase your rankings on Google and other search engines. SEO experts are responsible for improving your search rankings by using keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, and well-optimized images.

The SEO team will study your competitors’ websites and find out what they do. It’s important to note how they use their keywords, integrate their keywords into the content, and use their PPC campaigns. You can also ask them to give you an exhaustive list of their competitor’s backlinks.

3. Content Creators

A successful content strategy can determine your business’s success. You should invest in content creators and hire bloggers who can create high-quality content that’ll engage your audience and convince them to take action.

Good content creators should be able to create articles or videos that will help you achieve your marketing goals. They should be able to write in a way that will convince your audience to do specific actions, like sign up for your newsletter or download your whitepapers. They should be able to provide your audience with vital information that’ll help them solve problems.

4. Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are responsible for creating infographics, landing pages, and social media visuals that’ll help you get more clicks and additional shares. It’s also essential for them to create the perfect call-to-action buttons for your website, as these buttons will help you boost your conversions.

They’re in charge of creating graphic elements like logos, icons, banners, and icons for web and mobile. Graphic designers also need to create branded images for your social media profiles, like profile pictures and cover photos.

5. Public Relations Experts

Public relations experts are responsible for creating credible press releases and branded content for your business. They can write press releases for your business or create an infographic or video that will help increase your credibility. They’re also responsible for getting you on the media outlets relevant to your business, like online media outlets, blogs, or trade publications. They’ll do this by pitching your company’s profiles to editors who’ll write about you and share your content.


Every business owner needs to know who the members of their marketing team are. While you may decide to hire more than five people for your marketing team, knowing which roles are necessary for every digital marketing campaign is crucial.

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