Marketing 101: Why You Should Invest in Bing Campaigns

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When you think about digital marketing, you immediately associate it with Google. However, you should not ignore Bing. Take this opportunity and try Bing campaigns. 

The problem with Bing is that many marketers do not utilize it. The solution is to take a risk and think outside the box. You will be pleasantly surprised with your ROI after investing in Bing campaigns. 

If you want more concrete reasons to invest in Bing campaigns, you should read this article carefully. It enumerates the benefits of doing so.

Wide Reach

You can reach more people with Bing campaigns. Kindly remember that Microsoft owns Bing, and as of December 2021, the tech giant owns more than 70% of the desktop OS market

If you do not take advantage of Bing advertising, you will miss out on a substantial portion of the consumer base. It is the main reason why you should start investing in Bing marketing.

Provides Unique Consumer Demographics

Bing campaigns can help you target consumers on an acceptable level. You can target specific consumers based on demographics and interests. You can fine-tune your targeting while utilizing Bing campaigns.  

There is a wide range of demographics in the Bing search engine. When you target this search engine, you can reach new customers. It means that you are expanding your market reach with Bing campaigns. 

Bing campaigns bring you additional clients, by targeting a specific niche. You can create a highly targeted campaign to get more consumers towards your store. If you want to target the travel niche, you can do so on Bing. If you target the health niche, you can do so with Bing. 

Offers More Control

Bing provides you with more control over your campaigns. You can control them in several ways, which is impossible in other search engines. For example, you can manage group and ad campaign levels.  

You can also control costs, bids, and other campaign details. With Bing SEO, you can easily manage. You can set a reasonable budget and monitor the progress of your campaign.

Bing campaigns offer high-level control over your marketing campaigns. It is an excellent reason why you should invest in Bing SEO and marketing.

Uses Search Demographics

Bing is different from other search engines. It uses the search demographics of the user while suggesting ads. Moreover, Bing utilizes several other factors to drive relevant ads to the user. It means that you can easily target particular audiences.  

For example, you can target tennis players. You can customize ads for tennis players, which is a great way to engage them.

You can also target them based on their interests. For example, if a consumer has previously searched for fish recipes, the results will include ads related to fish recipes. In other words, Bing is a great way to target your audience. With these campaigns, you can drive more consumers to your brick-and-mortar store. 


The benefits of Bing marketing are clear. You should start investing in Bing campaigns, especially if you want to reach a broad audience. While you can use other search engines to drive traffic to your website, Bing gives you an edge. It is a better search engine, which helps you market your store better.

To ensure the success of your campaign, you should tap into the expertise of Happy Agencies. As a Bing ads agency, we will guide you in every step as we have done for other entrepreneurs, so contact us now for more details!

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