7 Ways to Work on Your CTR in Google Ads Campaigns

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A business’s clickthrough rate is quite an important metric in one’s Google Ads Campaign as it indicates their overall reach and customer acquisition. So, it’s only natural that any business is willing to learn how to improve their CTR and attain a better return on their PPC and other ad campaigns.

If your agency is dedicated to helping a company achieve better visibility online, a higher CTR in their Google Ads Campaigns has to be on the list. Getting the help of additional services would be wise for better focus when working on one’s CTR in a variety of ways. To enumerate a few:

1) Have a Structured Campaign

A well-structured campaign is always the first step when it comes to better CTR in your ads. By structuring your Google Ads Campaign, you’re able to create more targeted ads, more accurate ad groups, and higher-quality landing pages. Allocate resources for developing different ad formats, ad variations, and more.

2) Apply Localization Variables

When it comes to marketing and advertising, localization is one of the most important things to consider. You wouldn’t want your audience to see ads if they’re completely irrelevant to them, right? So when you’re trying to improve your CTR in a Google Ads Campaign, think about applying localization variables. 

3) Work and Improve Ad Copies

Not all ads are created equal. Some Google Ads Campaigns have ads that catch the audience’s attention, while others simply don’t. This fact is the reason why optimization of your ad copies is essential to see your CTR increase. You’ll need to experiment with different ad titles, images, and ad extensions.

4) Steer Clear of Certain Keywords

When you’re working on your CTR in a Google Ads Campaign, don’t forget to keep track of the language your audience is using. If your ad copies are written using certain keywords and phrases that wouldn’t attract your target audience, it would be better to think twice and steer clear of them beforehand.

5) Do A/B Testing

A/B testing is a simple way to figure out which one of your ad variations has a higher CTR. Aside from the ad copy, the images and ad extensions of the ads are also susceptible to testing. However, it is always important to gather feedback and study your audience’s click behavior and search behavior prior to implementing your changes.

6) Utilize Ad Extensions

It is always essential to utilize Ad Extensions in your Google Ads Campaigns. From web links, call extensions, and site links to app extensions and more, these have the potential to drive more traffic and boost your CTR. Whether you’re working on a PPC campaign, Google Ads Display Campaign, or even a remarketing campaign, consider the extra step.

7) Increase Bids

Bidding more for certain keywords and search phrases would be able to bring more traffic to your website, and it would cost less for each click. When your website is known for being a quality source of information for your audience, you’ll be able to see a higher CTR on your Google Ads Campaigns.


If you’re running a Google Ads Campaign and looking for ways to improve your CTR, do consider the things mentioned above. You’ll be able to better optimize your Google Ads Campaign and see the improvements you’re looking for.

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