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What's Changed

  • chore: Added coupons code in table and click to copy.
  • chore: Send signing up coupon to webhook.
  • chore: Updated the signing up coupon message.
  • feat: Added filter in coupon section and highlighted the expired coupon.
  • chore: Show intake form titles when user orders the task.
  • fix: Tip total timer issue has been fixed for running timer.
  • chore: Improve coupon on external checkout, it shows regular price on options and discounted price on order now button.
  • Mobile layouts have been fixed
    • fix: Truncated Service name issue has been fixed.
    • chore: Added checkout button on mobile that can scroll to the main checkout option.
    • chore: Tip service report layout has been changed.
    • fix: Tip service model layout for mobile as well as for big screen has been fixed.
    • fix: Service information gaps issue has been fixed on creating new task on mobile screen.
    • fix: Task information on detail page has been fixed on mobile screen.
    • fix: Announcement layout has been fixed on mobile screen as well on big screen.
    • fix: Confirm & pay and promocode layout on mobile screen on creating new task has been fixed on mobile screen
    • fix: Activity layout on client profile and project has been fixed on mobile screen.
    • fix: Stop & delete, stop button layout has been fixed on mobile screen
    • fix: Disconnect slack button is missing in mobile screen that issue has been fixed on client side.
    • fix: Wiki and Integration button is missing on the mobile screen has been fixed.
    • fix: Layout of models on mobile screen has been fixed which includes custom order,password description,delete modal,credit warning and reload timer modal.


What's Changed

  • feat: Added coupon in external checkout.
  • feat: Added coupon when user signup.
  • fix: Only one coupon can be added at a time and added to the base value that issue has been fixed.
  • fix: Worked on QA of tasks UI on mobile side that includes rating modal, manual time modal on task detail page.
  • chore: Added loader on external checkout
  • chore: Make title on timer short with dots to make it in one line and can be visible while hovering over it.
  • feat: Added dynamic height to iframe on external checkout and added loader.
  • feat: Added report on tipping modal.
  • chore: Added private notification of tipping service
  • fix: Talent last login issue has been resolved.


What's Changed

  • feat: Added Feedback and Rating feature on client side.
  • feat: New phone number feature has been added on signup.
  • fix: The bug related to existing code of phone number on signup has been resolved.
  • fix: Optimized timer websocket.
  • chore: Added modal on stop timer if there is a delay in reloading of stop timer.


What's Changed

  • fix: Signup and recaptcha issue has been fixed on external checkout feature.
  • chore: Text and button layout changes on external checkout and tipping feature.
  • fix: Coupon issue has been fixed.


What's Changed

  • fix: Fix typo of "invalid coupon".
  • fix: Edit stripe key bug fixed.
  • chore: Added option for adding multiple links in the message card and also added the ability to add url like as link.
  • chore: Changed buy more button text to Buy credits, and it will open add credit modal when user clicks on that button in external checkout.
  • chore: New order success modal layout changed for external checkout.
  • chore: No padding, full width, full height and no scroll on external checkout.
  • feat: Added new look to the tipping service.
  • fix: The issue with the tipping service, where clients were unable to tip due to the service not appearing in the feeds, has been resolved.
  • chore: Modify external checkout signup component.


What's Changed

  • chore: Added Link feature in the message card.
  • chore: Added validation of reCaptcha on Signup.
  • fix: Start timer issue has been fixed.
  • chore: Added Success modal on new task creation through external checkout.
  • fix: Service dropdown issue has been fixed on create task modal.
  • feat: Added google reCaptcha V2 on client signup.
  • chore: Added dynamic height to external checkout widget.
  • fix: Tipping service issue has been fixed and made the code functional.
  • fix: Stop, stop and delete Timer issue has been fixed.
  • fix: Persistence of entered data in Add User Popup issue has been fixed.


What's Changed

  • chore: Added validation on the requirement intake form for new service.
  • chore: Added "Phone" route in sidebar both on app and mobile.
  • fix: Fixed intake form issue that if its not available in the service than default intake form will be shown for app and external checkout.
  • fix: Unable to close service dropdown on new task creation, issue has been fixed.
  • fix: Assigned talent modal UI fixed on mobile.
  • fix: Made all modals in center and fixed all modals UI for mobile
  • chore: Remove activity and scroll on client side password page.
  • fix: Fixed hidden issue of actions tab drop down.
  • fix: Fixed resetting the fields on client side "create user" modal
  • fix: Fixed timer issue for adding manual time and also fixed overlapping time issue on manual time.
  • chore: Added placeholders for new employee created modal on client side.


What's Changed

  • fix: Bug has been fixed on task completed checkbox when timer is logged.
  • fix: The checkbox for marking tasks as completed is initially set to unchecked by default.
  • fix: Talent total hours bug has been fixed.
  • chore: Added permission for the "/phone" route on admin side.


What's Changed

  • feat: Added the option to check or uncheck the task as completed when talent Logs time and if completed, email will be send to the delivery managers.
  • chore: Change Terms and Condition Url and make it open in new wndow.
  • fix: Fix bug if there is no webhook url in env.
  • fix: Success message disappear automatically after 2 sec.
  • fix: Loading functionality on sign in button.
  • fix: Changed "Edit Password" Modal's Label and rename button.
  • fix: Changed password success message Text.
  • fix: Validation error message bug fixed on Edit password modal.
  • chore: Create, Update and Delete service Webhook documented in Api integrations postman document.
  • feat: Added filters in "Get All Services" Api and documented in postman.
  • fix: Manual time doesn't add up to Total Hours issue fixed.
  • feat: Add/phone route and iframe.
  • fix: Validation for max text on Password has been fixed
  • fix: Persistence of Entered Data in New Project Popup and not being able to add description issue fixed.


What's Changed

  • fix: Last login issue has been fixed for talent that has recently been loggedin.and added the signup for the client.
  • feat: Added the ability to filter "Last Login" and "Sign up" column by starting and ending date.
  • feat: Added the ability in both "Last Login" and "Sign up" to sort both ascending and descending order.
  • fix: Terms and Condition page not opening in parent window issue has been fixed.
  • chore: Validation has been applied on creating and editing employee modal on client side.
  • fix: Modified the code for the embeded hubspot snippet for only ""
  • feat: Webhook is triggered on New/Update/Delete workflow for services
  • fix: Unable to create employee with the same email on client side issue has been fixed by restoring the deleted employee and updating it with the current details provided.
  • fix: Most of the services doesnot contain any service package that issue has been fixed by adding the ability to add it through "edit" service option.
  • fix: Update Password validation requiring characters to exceed a minimum of three.
  • chore: Created command that will check all active services and create their single package if not exist.
  • fix: On external checkout page credit option was not working that issue has been fixed.
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