Agency Starter Kit

Agency Starter Kit Cover

Agency Starter Kit

The one and only package designed by agencies for agencies. Get all the elements we wish we had when we started.

The head start your agency needs

Designing all the elements needed to get your agency started is time and energy-consuming. Get rid of the chore and hit the ground running by obtaining this template kit. All segments in each design will readapt as you edit their text, to keep the consistency of the design.

A kit tailored for all your needs

Whether you need to reply to a client’s message via e-mail, or you need to present your business services, we’ve got you covered.

Super easy to edit

We built this for ease of use and editing with preset dimensions and an intuitive interface.



Agency Starter Kit

A kit made by an agency, for agencies. Ideal for modern and young-age agencies and startups looking to get rid of repetitive tasks in a faster and more efficient manner.
  • 10 types of elements
  • Figma components
  • Design guides
  • 100 icons
Josh Harcus
Testimonial - Josh
We are so grateful that we found Happy Agencies. They have become a fantastic partners. They have the ability to take any project that we have. We can throw it over to them and they can deliver it back in a very quick and efficient fashion.
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Marketing Director
Danna K.
Testimonial - Danna
We migrated to HubSpot and the wonderful team at Happy Agencies was with us the whole time and really went above and beyond. Could not have don’t this migration without them. Very happy indeed, all works perfectly.
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VP of Marketing
Luca De Fanis
Testimonial - Luca
Happy Agencies is hands down the best marketing agency I’ve worked with. They were able to create very successful marketing processes and strategies for us. Great for help with PPC, HubSpot, graphic designing and SEO.
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