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Join the Argentina HubSpot User Group (HUG) hosted by Happy Agencies for a specialized experience in Buenos Aires. This local HUG connects you with fellow marketing professionals and HubSpot experts in our region

Connect With Users Like You
Connect With Users Like You

With our Buenos Aires HUG, organized by Happy Agencies, you have a unique chance to meet other HubSpot users in Argentina. Share your experiences and learn from other digital marketing and sales professionals, all passionate about HubSpot.

Learn From HubSpot Experts
Learn From HubSpot Experts

Our HUG meetings are led by the team at Happy Agencies, specialists in HubSpot solutions and digital marketing. Each session offers a perfect blend of learning and discussion, enabling you to enhance your HubSpot skills and address your queries alongside fellow users.

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Join the Community

Beyond our regular meetings, we keep our community active and connected. Participate in online discussions, stay updated with announcements, and take advantage of question-and-answer sessions to continue growing with the HubSpot community in Argentina.

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What is a HubSpot HUG and who can attend?

A HubSpot HUG (HubSpot User Group) is a community event that brings together HubSpot users and enthusiasts to learn, share, and connect. These events are open to anyone interested in digital marketing and sales, whether you’re an experienced HubSpot user or just starting to explore the platform.

No, attendance at HUG events organized by Happy Agencies is completely free. However, it’s important to register in advance, as spaces may be limited.

HUG events include a variety of activities such as presentations from HubSpot and digital marketing experts, practical workshops, discussion panels, and networking opportunities. Each event is designed to provide value to both beginners and advanced users of HubSpot.

Simply complete the registration form and you will receive a confirmation with all the event details.



Absolutely! We are always looking for community members who wish to share their knowledge and experiences. If you’re interested in presenting, please contact us through our contact form on the website with your proposal.