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We love it and hate it at the same time. Fiverr needs no introduction.

It is probably the largest freelancer marketplace in the world (in terms of volume).

So, do we recommend it? Yes and no, let me explain:

As a seller:
If you are based in the US, Canada, Europe or any other region with good salaries then Fiverr is probably NOT a good option. You will get paid at insanely low rates and you will be pushed to deliver fast (There, quality and price is more important than quality). You probably want to check UpWork instead (We will talk about it on another post)
If you are based in a third-world country, like anywhere in Latin America (Disclaimer: I am Argentinian) or Africa then Fiverr is a good place to start.
You won’t be making a lot of money, neither you will be getting good clients, but! It will give you some experience, it will help you to improve your portfolio and you can make some extra money as well. It is the perfect place to start your business

As a buyer:
Yes but proceed with caution.
If you want something quick, cheap and dirty. Then you are in the right place, however, you can also play the gold-seeker and try to find hit the jackpot.
Among all the bad quality in Fiverr, there are very very talented freelancers that will charge you tens times less than what you would expect in your country (That comes at the cost of risking to deliver something late or miscommunication because of language barriers)

Why do we recommend it?

Is the best option for you


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